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Name Pierre (P Dawg)
Age 29 years old
Stance Goofy
Home spot VVF, Capbreton, France
Speciality Carving / Speed / Power
Magic Board 6’2 Chili, Churros; 35L
Surf Age 17 years

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Hi there It’s Pierre !

I come from France and I love Marmite.

I can remember my first take off (and my first wipe out) it’s was in Montalivet (Landes, Gironde, France) 17 years ago ! I was 12 years old andi use the bodyboarding between the falg at the beach and on day my Brother in law came on the sand with a surfbaord ! He taught me how to stand up on the board and then magic happened I was ready and exicted to do some spray.

I did a bachelor degree in sport training with a swimming option (so im also a swim coach) Surf and swmming is simmilare ! all is about GLIDING...! I did my ISA LEVEL 1 last year in Vieux boucan back to France (south west coast) I have been teaching beginners and intermediate at The wave Bristol since April 2021.

Here's my story now i can’t wait to learn more about you guys and your surf experience ! Lets make more spray together !

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